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Skill Selector

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The Skill Selector App is a simple step by step tool for building qualifications and identifying learning opportunities within the adult social care sector in England.

The interactive online tool can be used by learners, employers and learning providers.

It allows learners to explore the different qualifications available and the units that make up these qualifications. The Skill Selector App lets learners tailor and build qualifications to suit their needs and job setting.

Employers can browse and sort qualifications, then tailor them to suit the needs of the business and the people who they support.

Learning providers can use the App to choose the right area of interest, units, level or qualification for the setting or individual job role.

The qualifications are grouped into three categories.

- Entry level qualifications are knowledge based only and enable individuals to enter the workplace with a basic level of understanding of the adult social care sector.

- The occupational competence qualifications are the health and social care diplomas that are used to demonstrate professional competence within job roles. Competence is the behaviour, knowledge and values expected of workers to fulfill a specific role competently.

- The continuing professional development section offers a range of smaller qualifications that have been developed to demonstrate knowledge or competence. These qualifications allow learning to be tailored to job roles.

If you know the qualification you want you can go straight to it and select the units most appropriate for your job role. The Skill Selector has qualifications at level 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.

Within each qualification you will see the full list of units available. Some units that make up the qualifications are mandatory - this means that they have to be completed and are pre-selected. Others are optional and provide a way of putting together the perfect qualification. Each unit has a credit level and qualifications have a minimum number of credits required. You can do more units if the rules of combination allow. You can browse a list of units available within each of the qualifications and follow the link to Ofqual to view the learning outcomes of each one.

As well as keeping a count of the number of credits, the Skill Selector will let you know if the units you have chosen are not compatible or do not meet the required rules of combination to make the qualification selected so you don’t need to worry!

Remember the qualification you’re building provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in a wider range of skills to complement a role – you don’t need to stop at the minimum number. Some of these units will be able to transfer across to other qualifications if appropriate to enhance your future career and skills development.

The Skill Selector App allows you to build a qualification to meet your needs. It provides up to date qualification information and results in a qualification summary for you to download and discuss with your manager, your staff or learners.

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