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Magic Storytelling

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Are your Magic games looking all the same? Are you bored to always win against your friend's green deck full of tiny squirrels? Would you like to play epic games, with uncertain destiny, tragic events and magic phenomenon ? If it's the case, Magic Storytelling is an app for you!

Magic Storytelling allows you to browse various kind of scenarios with variant rules for Magic. You can play with rules for a complex story, with a huge background and a lot of rules, or a simple variant on rules, which allow quick but funny games!

Invasion of squirrels, apocalyptic encounters or divine intervention are just a few examples of what kind of story Magic Storytelling offers you. And a lot of scenarios are available for free! Don't worry if you are not satisfied, you can buy other scenarios on the shop, or will be able to propose your own scenarios on the upcoming web version!

Once you had a great game, you can share your score with your friends on the app leaderboard, and be the wizard of the week! You can also unlock achievements through your games, and even save your score on Magic Assemble.

You are free to send feedback or any suggestions!

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial application for MtG. No official affiliation to Wizards of the Coast.

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