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Islami Quiz - Lite

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Islami Quiz is a simple quiz app/game related to various questions & answers about ISLAM.
This app has a unique feature which shows you the right answer when the user chooses in-correct answer so that the user can learn more about ISLAM. (Not only by selecting the Yes or No but he/she must know the Right answer of the question. So that he/she must be aware of correct answer).

This app will show randomized questions so that the user can learn new things about ISLAM every-time they play this game/app.

• The Content has been corrected by Aalim : “ Muhammad Sajid Usaid ‘Nadavi’ ”.

This app is for everyone: Muslims or Non-Muslims / Male or Female / kids or youngsters or elders, so that everyone may know about ISLAM irrespective of Muslim or Non-Muslim.

In Shah Allah we will release a Full fledged Pro version soon for free with lots of questions & answers so that the users may learn more about ISLAM. (we just request you to do Dua’ for US and give suggestion for our next version).

JazakAllah hu Qhairan

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