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Santoor ( Santur )

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You can play santoor (santur or Hammered dulcimer) instrument and record your playing, you can also use predefined melody to play them with desired speed and so it

assists you to learn santur easily by reducing played melody.
please take a look at the videos on youtube site for better understanding.

1 - Full screen view to better experience in small screen size.
2 - Ability to play, pause, and to stop for learning purpose
3 - 68 melodies included from book "Shive santoor navazi" by Pashang Kamkar in addition to gaams and 37 melodies from book "dastoor e

santoor" by Faramarz Paivar and 23 single melodies,
Total 155 melodies
4 - Ability to change playing speed and reduce speed for high rate melody
5 - Showing the notes
6 - Showing cord vibration
7 - Ability to select vibration mode to simulate real santoor vibration
8 - Multi touch playing
9 - Ability to change the language (13 languages)
10 - Ability to change the Theme
11 - Ability to play with helping
check "Playing with help" and open a melody file and click on highlighted string
12 - Shwoing gaam for every dastgaah
13 - Showing notes when playing gaams
14 - Prepare a progress bar to ease of moving along the songs
15 - Shows Right/left mezrab click to melody files and setting and view have been added
16 - Shows note duration next to the note name
17- Tuned note rate especially for note "dola chang" and note faster than it.
18 - Changed sound volume based on note velocity
19 - Showing note/duration for recorded melody, In this case composer can recored and see what note/duration he/she played
20 - Showing note number duraing playing to better track the notes
21 - Showing semi and quarter tone
22 - Ability to play as fast hitting (riz) by holding finger on a string

If you are a native speaker of supported languages in this software please help me to correct any mistake

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