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Learn Hindi Numbers, Fast!

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"So easy and fast, highly recommended.!"

• Learn Hindi Numbers Fast: Is a great tool, on the go reference and study guide for learning Hindi numbers. Provides full Hindi audio pronunciation and a mini game to help you improve your Hindi number skills quickly. Go out shopping and buy things with ease on your next visit to India!

• Summary
Your Essential Pocket Guide to Hindi Numbers, Numerals and Counting: Travel, shop with ease and have fun on your next Adventures! plus much more to come.

• Device Notes
Media capable Android device is recommended. We do our best to optimize audio playback, however due to hardware limitations, some older devices may experience lower Audio quality.

• Universal App
We don't like device specific versions and neither should you. A single download lets you install the app on all your devices with no additional purchases required.

• Global Reach
Arabic: التعرف على الأرقام الهندية
Bulgarian: Научете Хинди числа
Catalan: Aprendre els números Hindi
Chinese Simplified: 学习印地语数字
Chinese Traditional: 學習印度文數位
Czech: Učit Hindština čísla
Danish: Lære Hindi tal
Dutch: Leer Hindi cijfers
English: Learn Hindi Numbers
Estonian: Õppida Hindi numbrid
Finnish: Oppia Hindi numerot
French: Apprendre les chiffres Hindi
German: Lernen Hindi Zahlen
Greek: Μάθετε ΧΙΝΤΙ αριθμούς
Haitian Creole: Aprann lang peyi Lend Numéros
Hebrew: ללמוד מספרים הינדי
Hindi: हिन्दी संख्याएँ जानें
Hmong Daw: Kawm zauv Hindi
Hungarian: Tanulni Hindi számok
Indonesian: Belajar Hindi nomor
Italian: Imparare i numeri Hindi
Japanese: ヒンディー語の数字を学ぶ
Korean: 힌디어 숫자를 배울
Latvian: Apgūt indiešu numurus
Lithuanian: Mokytis Hindi numeriai
Malay: Belajar nombor Hindi
Maltese: Tgħallem Ħindi numri
Norwegian: Lær Hindi tall
Persian: یادگیری اعداد هندی
Polish: Dowiedz się, hindi-numery
Portuguese: Aprenda Hindi números
Romanian: Afla numerele de Hindi
Russian: Изучать хинди чисел
Slovak: Učte Hindčina čísla
Slovenian: Učijo Hindi številke
Spanish: Aprender números Hindi
Swedish: Lära sig Hindi nummer
Thai: เรียนรู้เลขฮินดี
Turkish: Hintçe numaralarını öğrenin
Ukrainian: Дізнатися хінді чисел
Urdu: ہندی کی تعداد کے متعلق جانیں
Vietnamese: Tìm hiểu tiếng Hin-ddi số
Welsh: Ddysgu rhifau Hindi

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