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Ping Pong Lite Free

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Ping Pong is one of the most addictive and popular arcade games and very popular on mobile devices as well.

Ping Pong Lite allows the user to play a game of ping pong against the system-controlled player or against a friend. The goal of the game is to prevent the ball from passing your paddle by blocking it using the paddle provided thus preventing a goal and direct the ball past the opponent's paddle in the opposite end of the screen to score a goal. The purpose of the game is to keep scoring goals till one of the side scores 10 goals.

You can play the game in Single player mode, Two player mode or No player mode ( Both paddles controlled by system )

1. Completely Free to play.
2. Attractive customizable graphics.
3. Smooth and responsive game-play.
4. Option for Single player as well as Two player game. (Extra feature: 0 player game, Both ping pong paddles controlled by system)
5. Five difficulty levels for a wide range of gaming experience of ping pong.
6. Sound Effects and Vibration Effects automatically detect phone's current sound profile and function accordingly
7. Step by step tutorial.
8. Support a large range of Android Devices

Difficulty Levels:
1. Easy
2. Intermediate
3. Hard
4. Extreme
5. Insane

Ping Pong Lite provides a smooth and fast game-play which closely resembles the standard table tennis game, which is two paddles on each side which repeatedly hit the ball to prevent it from crossing the board on their side. When the ball is missed by a paddle it will cross the boundary to score a goal and the game goes on till a player scores 10 goals.

Enjoy playing the best Ping Pong Game on the Play Store :)

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