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Tasker URL Launcher

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Tiny app to process URLs to start tasker tasks.

Useful for launching tasker tasks from NFC tags-


for Sony Xperia smarttags simply use the the smart tag app. To run a tasker task use the "Open URL" action, then set the url "tasker://taskname" instead of "http://" (change taskname to the name of your task defined in tasker- tasks are case sensitive)
e.g. "tasker://mytask" to run a task called "mytask" defined in tasker.

for writable tags it should work as simply as writing the tasker:// url and task to the tag itself.

It will do until tasker add nfc capability :)

On some devices the "tags" app comes pre-installed and blocks the url from nfc tags from being launched automagically, meaning you need to touch the screen to launch the task. You may find disabling the "tags" app from settings->apps->all fixes this problem.

Also it is VITAL that tasker is installed before this app or it will not work, this means that if you upgrade or reset your device etc. and google play automatically re-installs all your apps then it may not work. this is solved by simply uninstalling tasker url launcher, checking tasker is installed, and then re-installing the tasker url launcher from google play.

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