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15 Minute Goals

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'15 Minute Goals' is the world's easiest and most effective goal achievement program .

Quite simply, it is choosing several different goals and working on them for 15 minutes each.

Major Benefits:

1. Allows you to work on multiple goals because none of them are taking up time that could be used for another.

2. Eliminates procrastination because no task is too arduous or unpleasant that it can't be done for just 15 minutes.

3. Activates the potential of cumulative time. Little amounts of time, when done consistently, add up to massive time over the course of a year.

4. Shows you which goals are simply "whims" vs. true goals. If you aren't willing to spend 15 minutes on something, then it probably isn't a true desire and you can rid yourself of the notion that "its a burning goal you'd love to work on."

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