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Boosttery - Boost Ur Battery

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Battery Booster can significantly boost battery life and extend the remaining time up to 50%. With one-click optimization, scientific charging management and intelligent mode switch, Battery doctor can help you with all kinds of battery matters and greatly save your battery power. Simple usage, decent interface and powerful functions, Battery Doctor got all you need to keep your phone in tip-top status.

- Analysis Booster: Accurate analysis on battery power and remaining time.
- Cleaning Booster: Clear power consuming apps with one click, easy and simple.
- Clearing Booster: Clear power consuming apps automatically when screen is off.
- Specialized Doctor: Professional 3-stage charging boosts your battery life.
- Intelligent Doctor: Auto switch to Saving Mode by night.
- Free Doctor: Able to design your own battery saving mode.
- All-round Doctor: Monitor battery capacity, temperature and voltage, etc. in real time.

☆Intelligent saver for more remaining time☆

Battery doctor offers you a much longer battery remaining time by optimizing your system settings, cleaning power consuming apps, switching mode by night, monitoring battery status and reminding you of the low battery.

☆Professional saver for longer battery life☆

Fast, full and trickle. The 3-stage charging is organized and scientific.

☆Monitoring saver for real-time control☆

Battery saver can show you the accurate battery remaining time and help you save power by monitoring battery capacity, temperature & voltage.

☆Free Saver! For You!☆

Battery Booster is totally free of charge with all the functions you've ever heard. UI and interaction is also comprehensively optimized. All we want is to offer you the best battery status & user experience!

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