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Chogadiya Timings For Mumineen

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Choghadiya Timings For Mumeneen is a powerful and very useful App for calculating mubarak auspicious time. It takes your location via Wireless Network Services, GPS and based on your Sunrise/Sunset timings, calculates the mubarak auspicious time to commence any new project, new house, marriage etc..

The App is specially developed for Dawoodi Bohra Mumeneen, to enable them to accurately know the chogadia timings based on their location. You can even know the Fajr / Zohar (7th Time) / Magrib Namaaz timings based on this App.

In case of Issue:
If the App is not working on your mobile device, or it shows incorrect sunrise/sunset timings, the first thing you should do is go to ....
1. Settings->Location Services and Enable "Use Wireless Networks" option.
2. Also Enable "Use GPS Satellites" option.
3. Settings->Apps->Tap on "Force Stop"
4. Then Switch off the Mobile and Restart. It should work fine.

If the above fails, please send us an email at and let us know your Android OS and Mobile Model Number.

Also before giving your rating below 5, you are kindly requested to please email us your issue first.

Data Connection should be working for this App to work.

Features of the App:-
- By default the current date is selected and sunrise/sunset time is calculated automatically based on your location.
- Option to change to previous or future date.
- The exact name of the Saiyyaraat are shown with color coding to easily identify the chogadiya period.
- The timings of sunset/sunrise and each choghadia are accurate with a difference of not more than 1 minute. (as we round off the seconds into minutes)

Din ane Raat ni Ghari ma Saiyyaraat ni Taaseer

There are 7 Saiyyaraat.

1. Shams = Sun
2. Zohra = Venus
3. Otarid = Mercury
4. Qamar = Moon
5. Zohol = Saturn
6. Mushtari = Jupiter
7. Mirrikh = Mars

Saiyyaraat ni Taaseer aa misal che....

- Mushtari (Jupiter) ane Zohra (Venus) - ni Taaseer Sa'ad Akbar che. Ghanij Behtar Taaseer che. (Very Good)
- Shams (Sun) ane Qamar (Moon) - ni Taaseer Nek che. (Good)
- Otarid (Mercury) - ni Taaseer Wehwaaru che. (Okay or Normal)
- Zohol (Saturn) ane Mirrikh (Mars) - ni Taaseer Nehes Akbar che. (Ghanij Kharaab or Bad)

Har Saiyyaraat ni Taaseer Khaas ane Judi che, magar DOA karva si, Moula(TUS) ni DOA ni Barakat si, Nazrul Maqaam(AS) manva si, Sadaqo karva si, saiyyaraat ni taaseer badlai jaai che. Mumeneen potana Amal ni kamyaabi vaste Khuda Taala par bharoso raakhe ane Awliyah-ullah no Vasilo le, ane Aqa MoulaTUS si DOA talab kare.

Mumeneen ...
- Makaan nu ya Dukaan nu muhurat kare ya..
- Shaadi nu koi kaaraj hoi ya..
- Vepaar muta'aliq koi Zaroori kaam hoi ..

to istirshaad kari ne, RAZA lai ne, NEK GHARI iktiyaar kare.

The App is created with reference as per Busaheba Sahifa and is only for information purpose. Mumineen are requested to take raza before doing any deeni aamal.

We will try our best to reply to support queries within 24 hours via EMAIL. We do not respond via reviews/comments on Play Store.

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