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With myBirdList your "Life List" is always up-to-date and you are organizing your "Events" and "Sightings" on the road or at home.

The app provides the names of more than 10.000 species and 18000 sub-species from all around the world in several languages. The species can be sorted according to their name, distribution area, your current location, and family.

For every "Event" and each "Sighting" you can store comprehensive information. These include, for example, place and time, number of observed birds, sex, breeding time code, etc. Current Ornitho and eBird standards are mapped. You also get the option to transfer your data for further processing on a PC. The import / export via email or device memory in different eBird and Ornitho friendly formats are supported.


+ 10000 species and 18000 sub-species listed by name, family, reagion, and location
+ Import / Export to PC via email or device memory
+ Supports eBird friendly formats
+ Supports import from Ornitho in XML format


+ App content entirely in English, German, French and Spanish
+ Species names in many languages, depending on the type in up to 40 languages (no guarantee of completeness)

"My Events" are trips, surveys of certain stations and areas or incidental situations in which sightings take place. For each event you can insert a title describing a location or situation. On each event you can collect information like weather description, number of observers and geographic details.

"My Sightings" are the particular observations of each species. A sighting consists of one or more birds of this species. You can collect information to each sighting about, e.g., time, count, location with GPS coordinates, etc. A sighting can be assigned to an event or exist on its own.
In future events (like planned trips or surveys) sightings can be inserted keeping the counter on zero. This way species are displayed as "wished".

"My Life List" contains all bird species you have seen in your lifetime. This list is automatically generated from all inserted sightings and provides summary view for periods like the current month and year. Each species entry in this list leads directly to the respective sightings.

Note for Data from events and sightings can be imported into myBirdList from in XML format via email or iTunes and exported from myBirdList in different formats. An export of your data to (i.e. importing your data into is not yet possible.

Please note: In order to import your data to eBird on their websites, your data may have to be manually adjusted. The reasons are different terminologies and possible input mistakes. When importing, you are usually alerted and you can correct mistakes easily.

eBird and Ornitho are not trademarks of NATURE MOBILE.

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