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Spelling Bee Genius 2

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Spelling Bee Genius 2 - Find the missing words and the spelling from sentences

This app lets you practice the spelling in a fun way.

This spelling bee game gives you the option to choose random five or random ten words to practice from sentences.

Sample sentence:
"I _(4)_ playing football" - missing word is "like"

_(4)_ - This is the missing word and the hint shows that it is a 4 letter word

Two types of practice with the same set of words/sentences

>>>>>> Practice Easy

Two help options "Heart It" and "Spell It" - For younger kids or someone who needs more assistance then choose this option to practice.
Each character you type it changes in color either Green to show you that you are in the right track or Red / Vibrate to warn you.
Once you find the correct spelling it will move to the next word automatically.
Try to guess the word without the help buttons to make it more fun.

>>>>>>> Practice Hard

Hint - Hide some of the wrong letters to help you to find the answer
Once you selected the characters then touch the "Check It" to verify the answer.
If you have entered the correct spelling then it will move to the next question after you click "Check it"
Try to guess the word without the hint button.

Go to the main screen to get the new set of random five or random ten words to practice.

>>>>>>>>> More words / sentences will be added regularly <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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