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Are you fascinated by religion? by what people believe? Do you love history, timelines, lists and trivia? Do you want to know more about the men and women who founded and lead world religions? If so then this app is for you. It is simply a collections of lists, timelines, articles and histories of a wide variety of religions.
The Tao of Shinto
Atheism vs. Agnosticism
Germany During the Reformation
Angkor Wat History
The Jonestown Massacre
Religions in India
USA Sacred Sites List
What are the Abrahamic Religions?
Branches of Christianity in the U.S.
Glossary of Catholicism
2013-14 List of Religious Holidays
List of Christian Denominations
10 Mysterious Prehistoric Locations
Jerusalem's Religious Significance
Creation Mythology
15 Beautiful Mosques
Most sacred spots on Earth
Sacred Places to Visit in the U.S.A.
Martin Luther - German Reformer
Basic Beliefs of Zoroastrianism
Top Religion Stories of 2012
Prayers in Different Religions
Religious Tolerance in Africa
The Lost Jews of India
Basics of Hinduism
The Jewish Torah
.....and much much more. All information is stored on your device and WiFi isn't needed. Please note: It is my intent to present all religions in a positive way. As much as possible the articles and histories are unbiased.
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