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Teeth Whitening Ideas

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When it comes to saying “cheese,” do you suddenly find yourself tight-lipped? Yellow teeth—whether they’re from too much coffee, smoking or just bad genetics—can feel like a serious beauty setback. But you’re not alone: There are tons of whitening products on the market now, from creams to gels to miniature capsules, all devoted to teeth bleaching. If applying peroxides and other chemicals seems a bit too harsh, though, don’t worry. There are plenty of other natural ways to score a gleaming grin.we just made this Teeth whitening ideas android app to whiten your teeth easily and naturally from your home.
Tooth bleaching is not a modern invention. Ancient Romans, for example, used urine and goat milk in an attempt to make and keep their teeth whiter

we have combined natural and house hold products (such as Berries , Cheese , Baking Soda , Crunchy Fruits ) to make your teeth white .Check out these 5 ideas to help make your smile appear brighter and your teeth more whiter.

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