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The Water Brewery

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Our Philosophy

Our Passion Statement
Even in our smallness, we dare to dream big. We, at The Water Brewery, believe that it is our birthright to collectively have access to uncensored knowledge, nourishing foods, and potent waters, regardless of manmade boundaries, prohibitions, and dogmas. We are committed to helping you celebrate your inner beauty and pure radiance, as nature intends, daily. We strive to be that special little “hub” for grassroots, heart-based action where we find nourishment and strength in our mutuality, synergy, and togetherness. We are inspired by the fact that even the mightiest of forests begin with the tiniest of seeds. May we always see into each other as seeds of great potential.

Our Commitment
To always walk in beauty, joy, vitality, gratitude, and harmony – with each other, with Mother Earth, and within ourselves.

To protect and improve life for all of us: within the soil, water, and air, for plants, animals, fish, and humans with full commitment and sincerity to sustainably thrive on a blue-green fertile planet full of life, love, and laughter!

To always remember that all life on Mother Earth is sacred and must be honored in our daily actions by walking the talk and “being the change.”

Our Vision
We, The Water Brewery, are honored to be the soil, the water, and the sunshine for growing the Mother Earth Sanctuary, an educational, spiritual, and charity-based 501c(3) nonprofit organization (filing in progress) dedicated to creating a worldwide webwork of sustainable, eco-living communities that support and practice conscious, gentle waterbirthing, spiritual/shamanic midwifery, and connective co-parenting, where every adult has a shared responsibility to nurture and “parent” our global community of children.

A substantial percentage of proceeds from The Water Brewery, along with our unwavering commitment and devotion, is dedicated to establishing the first and future Mother Earth Sanctuary, along with more to be replicated and seen to fruition worldwide.

If you feel a “calling” to help manifest our Vision, or if you simply wish to learn more about the Mother Earth Sanctuary, please contact Wennifer L Haver on this email:

Bright Blessings!

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