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KungFu Tonic

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Kung Fu Tonic is a concentrated blend of roots and herbs that support the immune system and provide a powerful natural path for healthy vibes and overall goodness.
We call it Food-Medicine.
Athletes use it to support muscle recovery and bounce back from injury. People who work in offices and hospitals use it for immune support during cold/flu season. Chefs use it as their secret ingredient in marinara sauce and for creating their own signature dishes. Others enjoy the libido boost… whatever the reason, it works.
Each ingredient in Kung Fu Tonic has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy!
We double down on that by our commitment to our ingredients. We source the best ingredients available on the market. That means Organic and Better-Than-Organic standards for everything in our bottles.
We have fun making it, and yes, we make everything ourselves. No big factory or facility–just friends working together in a certified commercial kitchen. We’re committed to cleanliness, improving our handmade production process, and staying wholly inspired. There’s honest love in every bottle.
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