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Medical terms DIC(E-C/C-E)

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If your job involves English/Chinese words about Medical, maybe this application can help you to finish your work quickly and correctly, because it is an application running on iPhone/iPod Touch, not a heavy book, you can take it out, and look up your words quickly as long as you want to do.

This application collected 57061 well-used words about Medical and so on.


1, Easy to use and offline.
Just input the word(English/Chinese) in the searching field and the searching result will be displayed.
User can set searching mode to prefix or partial.
Drag the screen up and new words in the searching result will be showed automatically.

2, Bookmark & history function.
You can put the important word to bookmark on detail screen. Every word you referenced will be add to history automatically.

3, On detail screen, you can search the words on internet, add it to bookmark or mail it by one touch.

4, 57061 terms are collected in this application.

Supported language(UI): English, Chinese

1, This application only give a quick reference for a word in English and corresponding Chinese, NOT the explanation of the word.
2, You also can search some words on our PC web site:

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