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Thailand Back Packer

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Hello Fellow travelers. Welcome to Thailand

We have made this app so you can enjoy the best of Thailand. I have lived here for 25 years, so I have tried to remember and incorporate everything you need to have a great time. I am always open to adding other stuff so feed back and suggestions are always welcome. please use the feed back form. Any new phrase ideas would be great.

We Love pictures, so please send us as many as you like with this app.

Contacting Us:

We would love to hear about your experience in Thailand, We have tried to include the not so obvious things, like getting your flat tyre repaired, directions to paradise beach, Full Moon Parties, where to get the cheapest food. But we always want more input from our fellow travelers.

Please always contact us for a wrong location. So please update us if you have location problems use the I’m Lost Tab to email us the new location.

Informing Us:

How to use I’m Lost Tab and To Inform Us.

When you want to inform us of a new destination/place. Please use the I’m lost tab to send us the GPS coordinates and an explanation of the Location and why it’s so good or so bad. You can also use the I’m Lost tab When you leave your current location ( hotel, guest house, car) use the drop pin and start your journey. When you need to return to your point of origin. Press the route map and this will give you your route back to your point of origin. You can also email your location to anyone who needs to find you. We don’t have parking meters in Thailand, (always abide by the no parking signs) but you can use the timer in the I’m lost tab for other things like boat hire etc. You can also use the fan page Tab to share your experience on face book and camera Tab to share photos.


Don’t call us for minor problems, this is a dedicated line to help those travelers in desperate need. We only Speak English and Thai. What I am saying is: sure we will take your call and give you advice, but please limit this to 9-5 Thailand time for normal travel related problems.

Would Like to say Thanks to all the input from various sources, Vevo great, thanks for the updates and the Medical Videos

Stay Safe and read this Stuff. It won’t take you long and help you (I hope ) immensely.

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