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Hi my name is Craig Scott & I am here to help you start your own online business or mobile app business.

I started online & mobile marketing since 2010 & had no clue how it all worked but could see the potential of this trade. You see I knew online marketing is a trade & you need to learn the trade before it truly works. I am a panel beater for 20 years & had to go to college for 4 years to learn the trade, well online & mobile marketing is the exact same you need to learn the steps.

Key tip you must build a email list.

Building a list takes time & sometimes money if you want to invest in you're business to make it grow.

This app will give you FREE information & FREE tools to help you build a online OR off line business. The only thing I would like from you is for you to connect with me, I want you to come on this app & ask me questions. I want to help you & give you a better future for your future.

There is no such thing is a get rich quick system, you must build a list & connect to your customers. The trouble is about email marketing is the open rate is 3% so that means the more people you get into your list the better. But online marketing has only got a 1% conversion rate, this means you need just over 100 people to see your site before 1 person enters their name & email. So the key is to have as many eyeballs to see your product OR service.

This is why most people fail because they don't understand the 1% conversion rate plus not to mention you must have a converting web page/splash page If you don't have a converting page you are wasting your time & money.

This app will give you step by step information to start a online OR off line business.

It's only up to you to take action, remember I can only help people that has a burning desire to create a better future. If you are just looking for a fast way to get rick quick then this is not for you.

No such thing is a get rick quick system, trust me I know I have been it that place & bought loads of crap, but also bought loads of content & very powerful software that will help you create a online OR off line business.

Please connect with me I am just a normal guy who has invested time & money to learn the steps of this industry & I want to help you & would like to share your journey on this app.

I am building this app so we have a small community helping each other out. Even if you are at the top in this industry I would like you to share your story as well. We are all on the same boat & want to share people's story.

But I have to warn you if you advertise links on this app you will get blocked as this will only be seen in the members area.

I would like to thank you for downloading my app & I hope you enjoy it, I will be adding more stuff to the app so there will be new tabs & videos coming soon.

So please connect with me either on my personal facebook page
Email me on the email tab.
Call me.

Just connect with me because I really want to help you build a online business.

Like I said I am just a normal guy who want's to help people to create a better life for the future. I just got married to my gorgeous wife Trace in January 2014 & I am a very happy man & it's time for me to share my journey with you & give you good tips, information, software's & much much more.

So will this app be good & trust me I will do my best to help you out, but I can not say you will do well this will be up to you to take action. All am trying to do is have a group of us in this app helping each other out, I will be having a advertising space on this app so you can have the chance to advertise your business opportunity.

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