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Java Coding Interviews

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***Complete List of All Java Interview Programs with Complete Code***

- Includes Data Structures
- Optimized Coding Logic
- Covered all the basic programs for Entry Level, Mid Level and Senior Level interviews.
- Includes many Advanced level Java programs
- Good syntax highlighting.
- Ready-to-Run code
- Great app for freshers.

**Hadoop (Map/Reduce), Webservices, J2EE Apps and Database Querying code will be covered in the next update. Your loyalty will make me work hard :)

Ever felt confused with syntax or difficulty to remember a key logic while going for a Java interview? Ever felt the need of revising concepts while sitting in the waiting room? Well, this app is targeted to accomplish those needs.

Since Java is front line language for any server side application, and as complexity of business process and need of performance is increasing, its obvious that amount of coding skill required in Java programmers are getting increased with every passing days, which effectively mean Java coding questions are top of any list of core Java interview question. These Coding interview questions are collected from various Java programming interviews, from friends and colleagues and can be a good starting point to refresh your coding skills before appearing on any Java interviews. These basics Java Programs and logical questions can also be a good resources for learning programming and to improve your problem solving skills in Java.

It has covered mostly all the programs asked during the interviews in many IT companies such as Google (initial rounds), Amazon, Adobe, Oracle, EMC, Cisco, IBM etc. and actually questions related to Java Coding are increasingly getting popular on Java interviews in many service based consulting firms, product development and banking domain. So add this app to your toolbox and stay confident. Best of luck!

Known Bugs:
- Some code going out of bound on smaller screens.

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