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Survive Zombie

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Survive Zombie (Pro)

Survive Zombie App is based on information collected from various Zombie outbreaks around the world. Most general rules are consistent, but every zombie outbreak is slightly different. Survivors must be able to find out and deal with unexpected development. Survive Zombie App for Android, is a Mix of infantry, police and survival tactics.

Survive Zombie App Will include the following;

* The types of infection and outbreak

* The right weapons for a Zombie outbreak

* Survive Zombie with Small Combat Team

* Defense and Offensive tactics

* Weather and Tactical locations

* Dealing with other survivors

* Basic Combat Formations

* Team members roles and responsibility

Zombies are known to have no need, no fear no rest and have almost sixth sense when it comes to detecting live mammals and other living organism including humans. In order to prevent this threat from wiping out the human species, survivors must be continuously prepared to fight and win in counter-Zombie operations.

The Survive Zombie App is the fundamentals of counter-Zombie operations will read very much like a cross between military infantry, police procedures and biological counter measures. Every survivor, especially leaders, needs to know the fundamental by heart.

The Survive Zombie App for Android is the ultimate military anti zombie operations guide.

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