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Whether you're a start up, an existing small business, a local shop owner, a budding artist, or a growing corporation, Mobile Marketing Simplified will introduce you to current and upcoming opportunities to increase brand awareness and business profit in the new mobile economy.

Today, more than any other time in history, business owners are faced with a myriad of new and exciting ways to reach their target market. The birth of the internet, followed by smart phones and tablets, opened up a world of potential exposure to any business savvy enough to notice and in touch enough to capitalize on trends that would eventually become commonplace.

New electronic devices and mobile gadgets, coupled with marketing systems and business growth strategies; have made millionaires out of new and small enterprises in record time.

Table of Contents
Why Mobile Marketing?
Is Mobile Marketing Right For Your Business?
Cell Phones and Mobile Devices
Types of Mobile Marketing
Mobile Friendly Websites
Fast Track to A Mobile Friendly Website
Text Message Marketing
Mobile Advertising & Text Message Marketing
Three Must Haves for Text Message Marketing
How to Deliver the Right Message
Common SMS Marketing Mistakes
QR Codes Explained
How to Incorporate QR Codes
Mobile Game Marketing: AdverGaming
Is AdverGaming Right for Your Business?
Privacy Issues
In House, DIY, or OutSource?
What's Your Next Step?
More Strategies Shared in Upcoming Book

For every business there is an answer that is just right, most effective, and within budget. The answer, however, isn't the same for every product and service.

Even in this dynamic environment, some technologies outshine all others because nothing represents a bigger “bang” for your advertising buck than mobile marketing.

This is because mobile marketing has capabilities to reach out and find potential customers within your target market instantly -- whenever and wherever they may be.

Download this free app and learn what you need today to take your business into the mobile revolution.

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