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Thoughtful Christianity

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A website fully devoted to Christian philosophy, theology, and apologetics, Thoughtful Christianity seeks to help others become "thoughtfully engaged in exploring, sharing, and defending the truth of Christianity."

Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, as well as the Android, download this free app and receive instant hand held access to all of the following:

The bread and butter of the site, so to speak. Useful for those seeking quick, to-the-point posts on various topics in the field.

Featuring both individual lectures and entire courses, keep yourself engaged with great audio resources.

For the media junkies out there. Offers some brief nourishment and thoughts to ponder for those on the go.

For all the fellow readers who have a little extra time on their hands, these go a bit deeper and cover a variety of topics in Christian theology, philosophy, and apologetics by a variety of different authors.

For those with the desire to pursue further reading on the subject.

Essential to any thoughtful pursuit is balancing the playing field. Great for those who like to hear both sides of the issue.

Have questions or an itching nag for thoughtful discussion or argumentation? Unleash your thoughts in a safe, thoughtful, and interactive environment.

Occasional quizzes to test your knowledge and stimulate further study.

Sweet and simple, quotes are a great way of gaining a snapshot into the thoughts of some of the greatest minds on the issue.

A vital aspect to understanding anything is clarity. Ideal for those who wish expand their vocabulary by learning the essential terminology in the subject.

Tell us what you think about the issues.

For all the socialites. Keep yourself engaged with thoughtful questions and dialogue with others throughout the day.

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