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Parked Car Finder

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Hey !!! Do you know where i have parked my car ? No do not need to ask any one just use this app and be Bindas
Car Track : Find My Parked Car uses your smart phones GPS to very easily track your lost automobile, in any given situation.
Whether you were at a sports, shopping, festive, airport, dark night, Big city, convention, college campus, theme park or any other unfamiliar location that you seemed to forget where you parked your car, this easy to use Car Track application is all you will ever need.
Easy to use instructions on how to use our CAR TRACK : FIND MY PARKED CAR application.
How many times have you needed help finding your car?
Please note that this application has several features you can play around with that for the most part can be answered in our HELP section inside the app, but for the sake of time will explain the most important part of the app, which is to activate the location and find the app:
1.) When you upload and or install the cat track application, you will automatically be directed to activate the GPS on your phone. Only do so if in fact you want to ACTIVATE the location where you parked your car. If you do not need to use it in that point in time, there is no need to ACTIVATE the GPS as of yet, until you need to use it.
2.)Press the INITIATE CAR TRACK icon, and type in the location you INITIALLY parked your car in as a point of reference(ex. stadium name/street/..etc)
3.)When you are ready to go back to your car, simply press the CAR TRACK ACTIVATED icon. You will be directed to the MY POSITION splash page where you see the location name you created. Simply press the location coordinate you need to find(you can store several if needed).
4.)Once pressed, you will see several options to choose from. Depending on whether you are walking or driving back to your original location. You want to press CAR TRACK NAVIGATION. Simply choose between either the DRIVING or WALKING option......thats it
Let the CAR TRACK PARKED CAR AUTO FINDER do the rest of the work.
We have a HELP and SETTINGS menu for many more options you can use.
This is so simple a caveman can do this.
This is not just a CAR LOCATOR, but can also be used for camping, hiking, exploring, boating and many other outdoor activities without the fear of permanently losing your car.
Also great for exploring new places on foot; store your hotel, train or bus stop, that cool place you just found and will want to return to later, whatever!
Features include:
-Stores several CAR TRACK locations
-Easily choose between feet, yards, and meters
-Choose different views of the streets such as satellite and map
-Provides walking, driving directions back to your car's location

and much much more!!
This application requires GPS so this works best when the car is parked outside.

This application is compatible with almost all devices.
If you want to continue winging it when when parking your car, then do not install this application as this will make your life way to easy for you.
We ask that after utilizing this CAR TRACK : FIND MY PARKED CAR application that you leave a positive review so that other users can benefit from your comments and enjoy this very top quality
Auto Finder mobile smart phone tool.
No Icons and No Annoying Push ads!

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Car Track : Find My Parked Car
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