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Fatwa on Nikah (Marriage)

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As per the Sharia law, Fatwa is the legal opinion given by a team of Muftis. This is our legal right to be able to ask questions, doubts, and concerns in order to practice Islam with the right practices. Individuals can initiate their legal proceedings of questions, and then the Mufti can issue the Fatwa of legal opinions pertaining to the Religious beliefs and holy books like Hadees and Quran Sharif.

The Fatwas are a way of scholars pronouncing the guidance on how Islam should be understood and interpreted. Our app will help every individual to not only know their legal rights to questions but also understand the way every Fatwa is applied. We are grateful to the site for collated information on Fatwa. Even though our app gives the complete insight on the various Fatwas and legal proceedings, you can always visit the above site for further information.

Fatwa on Following Topics:
1. Fatwa on Islamic Beliefs
2. Fatwa on World Religions
3. Fatwa on False Sects
4. Fatwa on Deviant Sects
5. Fatwa on Innovations & Customs
6. Fatwa on Taqleed & Fighi Schools
7. Fatwa on The Holy Quran
8. Fatwa on Hadith & Sunnah
9. Fatwa on Dawah & Tableeg
10. Fatwa on Taharah (Purity)
11. Fatwa on Salah (Prayer)
12. Fatwa on Jumuah & Eid Prayers
13. Fatwa on Death & Funeral
14. Fatwa on Sawm (Fasting)
15. Fatwa on Zakat & Charity
16. Fatwa on Nikah (Marriage)
17. Fatwa on Hajj & Umrah
18. Fatwa on Oaths & Vows
19. Fatwa on Waqf, Mosque, Madrasa
20. Fatwa on Qurbani (Slaughtering)

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