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Trace and Draw

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This app is an augmented reality tool for painters and artists who want to trace an image onto a paper or a painting without using a projector or other tools. With this tool you trace an image by looking at your pencil and surface through the camera of your device.

1. Select an image to trace
2. Adjust the image settings, hold to drag, pinch to zoom. Image position can be locked from menu.
3. Use a smart phone holder or place your device on something steady and adjust the composition. You will probably not be able to hold your device steady enough. Still, hold the device with one hand if the device is positioned in way that it might fall down. Be careful. Don't drop your device! You might want to turn vibration off before you start.

It's a bit difficult in beginning but you'll get the hang of it.

Planned improvements
Preferences read/write and layout
Digital zoom

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