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Arab News

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Arab News is a comprehensive program for each of the Arab press, see the Arab News of only one program
News Arabia, Kuwait News, News Emirates, Qatar News, Qatar News, News Bahrain, Oman News, News Egypt, Palestine News, News Yemen

The program features
The program includes the most famous Arab newspapers such as: -
1) Saudi newspapers: - Today newspaper, Al Riyadh, Okaz newspaper, Al-Watan newspaper, the city, the newspaper of the above, the Middle East, the newspaper of the country, newspaper sports, every home, newspaper Asharq al.
2) Kuwaiti newspapers: Al-Rai, the Kuwaiti Al-Watan newspaper, news, an inventory Kuwaiti day
3) UAE newspapers: - Al Bayan, Al Ittihad newspaper, newspaper Emirates Today, Khaleej newspaper
4) Qatari newspapers: - Raya newspaper, Al Jazeera
5) Bahraini newspapers: - Al-Ayyam newspaper, Gulf News, a newspaper in the middle, an inventory Bahraini home
6) Omani newspapers: - Al-Watan, Oman Newspaper
7) Egyptian newspapers: - newspaper News of the day, Egyptian today, the Constitution, network monitoring, freedom and justice, the delegation.
8) Palestinian newspapers: - newspaper Jerusalem, Palestine Online, minimum Palestinian homeland.
9) Alsajaf of Yemen - Al-Thawra newspaper, Al-Ghad newspaper Yemen, Al-Sahwa, the newspaper News Yemen.

* With the ability to adjust the tone preferred by the desire Alerts
* The ability to share the news with others
* The possibility of discrimination favorite news
* Enjoy 5 different formats for the program, choose what suits them while browsing

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