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Kids Catch & Learn

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This game is for kids that can enjoy as game and learns approx 200 words just playing. Game includes Fruit, Vegetable, Number, Shape, Alphabet and Flower names.

Kids have to just catch any element from left side given after completed 5 successfully catch element will be change. Also below of each element it has written name of that element.

There are two level of this game one is Easy and Hard.

Easy: Kids have to catch after completed 50 catch successfully it will game over.

Hard: Kids have to catch element with following condition on Life Point out of 100
1. If catch successfully then get 1 score point and 2 life point
2. if it catch wrong then it loss -15 life point out of 100
3. if kids can't catch element then it can loss - 10 life point

if Life point become 0 then it will be game over.

Game will promoter to kids for learn more and more words through playing and catch for that we save score each level score separate and sub of all score game will unload achievement.

Learning Feature:
* Catch Fruit and Flower that display on Left side with Name
* Catch Number and Shape also
* Make more and more score to unload all achievement
* Improve kids Shapes, Fruits, Flowers, Number etc.
* Completed one stage on successfully catch 5 element.
* Kids can learn that work and identity

App Feature:
* Interactive sound and background music
* Make design that like kids
* Save score and give achievement
* Help full for learning Number, Alphabet, Flower, Fruit and Shape names.

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