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Kindergarten Fun Lite

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Kindergarten Fun is educational game for preschool kids . App is developed for improve kids Visual Spatial Skills, Problem Solving , Confidence skill and Cognitive Skills through identify picture, words, alphabets, colours, animals and vehicles name, puzzle etc. with colourful design, picture and sound of words. Through this app kids have to become pair ( find a match pair) of colours, Shape, Animal and It's kids, Picture and Spell and much more using touch and trace figure it's too easy for kids and children.

Learning Feature:
• Make pair of picture and it colour ex. Tomato -> RED
• Identify shape form pictures
• Join relative pair. ex. Shock - > Shoes
• Make pair of animal and it's kids ex. Dog-->pup
• Completed pair of missing number.
• Make pair of capital to small latter
• Find a match Picture to spelling
• Count no of things of picture and make pair it's relative
• Match Number to it's spelling ex. 4 --> Four
• Calculate addition and make pair of it answer.
• Make pair of Animal and it's product ex. Cow -> Give us Milk
• Make pair of Maths formula like addition and subtraction.
• Make pair Round clock to digital clock time.
• Make new work from two picture. ex. Basket + Ball -> Basketball.
• Fill the blank of spelling. ex. _AG it BAG
• Make pair of Opposite word.

App Feature:
• Listen words when pair completed
• Iterative design and sound
• Make fun with kids
• Gives achievement when play more times.
• Thumbs Up when completed one lesson
• Help full for learning Maths, Number system, alphabet, words, shape etc.

App have arrange all level by easy to hard order. After identify simple pair like Shape and colour app will try to teach upper alphabet letter to lower case alphabet letter, find Missing Number, Find Missing Alphabet, Count picture and become pair of equal number, addition and much more. we are sure that kids love and enjoy two playing this app.

Also when kids become completed one pair then completed spell will spoken by app. When level completed play success sound and wonderful music with thump up images.

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