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Ma Bap

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Ma Bap:- by Surya Prakash Acharya

God Swaminarayan says one should serve his parents, ma Bap. In this world, there are three great characters namely: a father, a mother and a preceptor who, according to their wish, impart to their children; the power, the opulence, the luster and the capability.

Swami Suryaprakash Acharya of swaminarayan sect of Bhunmandir, has written inspiring holy sentences about parents of God Swaminarayan and great saints. All saints of Swaminarayan Bhujmandir always emphasise that service of old parents is the best way to get blessing of God Swaminarayan.

In the Swaminarayan sampraday and in Bhumandir the importance of the service of parents is rewarded and greatly shown, besides, the service of parents is service to Swaminarayan and also Bhujmandir. There is no exaggeration at all. The God Swaminarayan himself has served his parents, is recommended to all satsangis of Bhujmandir and Swaminarayan sampraday as preached in Hindu culture.
I know this app of Bhujmandir about parents surely be inspiring to Bhujmandir’s followers and all swaminarayan satsangis of the world.

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