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BandHelper is an online service with companion mobile apps designed to reduce the organizational burden of playing in a band. BandHelper serves as a repository for all your repertoire, schedule and finance info and shares it with your bandmates effortlessly.

- All the info your band needs to share: Load your BandHelper account with your set lists, lyrics, chord charts, reference recordings and upcoming events and they appear on all of your bandmates' mobile devices automatically. With this info at everyone's fingertips, you'll spend less time talking about logistics and more time playing music.

- Your command center on stage: The BandHelper app evolved from the popular Set List Maker app and shares the same on-stage functionality. Auto-scroll lyrics, play backing tracks and click tracks, and configure MIDI-compatible sound and lighting equipment as you move from song to song. You can control BandHelper with MIDI or Bluetooth footswitches, and link together multiple devices for screen sharing or remote control on stage.

- Time-saving features for band leaders: Scheduling gigs is a snap with BandHelper's automated email messages to ask your bandmates' availability, send updates if the details of a gig change, and send reminders before the gig. And splitting the money after a gig is easy with BandHelper's features to track income (performance fees, merch sales, tips) and expenses (gas, food, rentals) and calculate each band member's share of the profit.

- Mobile or web-based interface: Besides its native mobile apps, BandHelper includes a web interface for quick data entry. You can enter all your band's data from your computer, and BandHelper will sync it to your mobile devices automatically. The web interface also provides basic functionality for band members who don't have a mobile device.

Use of the BandHelper app requires an existing BandHelper account.

*** If you experience a problem or have a suggestion, please visit the Help or Feedback pages at I reply to all emails promptly, but I don't always see reviews and I can't post detailed responses there. ***

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