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Spy Camera for Android Wear

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To start the app after install, use the "Ok Google" voice command (yes, talk to your watch^^): "Ok Google, launch camera"*, or launch it from the "Start" menu (on the wearable, scrolldown on the "Ok Google" menu > Click "Start" > Scroll untill you reach the app "Camera")
*Note that it works on your default language (English: "Ok Google, launch camera" - French: "Ok Google, lancer caméra" - etc...)

Now let's start PRANKING your friends !! :D

. Your phone screen will remain black (as in sleep mode),so that you can activate discreetly your phone camera with your wearable, and watch the live the video stream on your Android wear device
. You can also remotely take photos
. Set remotely flash modes (if the flash is on, you can set it back to off and stay under cover ;) )
. Monitor from your bedroom what's happening right now in the street
. Keep an eye on the kids
. Check your bath is not overflowing etc..

It will work untill you stay in the bluetooth range

We recommend you start the app from the wearable ("Ok Google, launch camera" - in your own language) rather than from the phone for a normal usage of our features.

- Phone: Android 4.3+ recommended
- Wearable: (including but not limited to)
. Samsung Gear Live
. LG G Watch

Greetings, Credits, Licenses and source code here:

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