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Moon Phases and Zodiac Aspects

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This App provides a Moon Phase widget for your home screen which includes the moons current position and also which astrological zodiac sign it is currently in. This now includes a list of current planet aspects between each other as well as events like when mercury is in Retrograde. When Mercury is not in Retrograde it will indicate within 14 days of the next one occurring.

Zodiac and Moon Positions are updated once every half an hour and requires a data connection with only a minimal amount of traffic used.

There are two widgets, one large and one smaller. They both tell you when the next Full Moon or New Moon occurs and the current aspects are color coded depending on how close they are yellow around 2° and red and 0°.

The current zodiac planet positions is on the large widget with and app screen also. It shows you what sign the planet is in as well as the degree. They are color coded based on elements. Fire is red, Earth is green, Water is blue and Air is Yellow.

You can click on the elements of the widget to open further information about them

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