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Xelorians - Space Shooter

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Xelorians is a dynamic, 90's style space shooter. It brings the genre into the XXI century.

If you are an old stager, you should check your reflexes again. If you like quick action and destroying alien hordes – join the squadron! Become an elite star-fighter pilot and show the aliens who they are messing with!

Choose your star-fighter amongst many machines that use captured alien tech and join the fight. Upgrade your fighter during the fight with crystals and different kinds of weapons. You will need them for the bigger Xelor battleships.

"Storyline, graphics and game pace makes it one of the best space shooters on the market. Go and get it." -

"Look, Xelorians is a top-down scrolling shooter, and I know that you’ve seen a million of them. But Xelorians is actually worth your time. It looks great, is designed smartly, and the difficulty level is just right." -

Game features

Four episodes, 18 exciting and highly dynamic missions + bonus mission

48 types of enemy units
5 difficulty levels
12 types of mighty weapons
19 bosses
10 tracks on the soundtrack
Zooming camera
Bullet time (including sound)
How to play?

Push the indicator and move your finger around the screen to fly your star-fighter. If you break contact with the screen, the game will PAUSE. Collect every object in white, spinning rims. Collect the yellow Xelor-Crystals to upgrade your firepower. Avoid everything else!
History of the conflict

2021 – Earth's scientists discover the red matter, the colonization of Mars has started
2025 – scientists develop a method that allows to slow time locally, which enables long distance travels into space
2026 – the Earth Interplanetary Alliance is formed. The organization executes law in space. Humanity begins to explore unknown planets. Thanks to found alien technology humanity develops even faster
2036 – a team of scientists captures an unidentified, alien signal. The EIA uses a lot of resources to make contact with the alien civilization
2037 – First Contact War with the Xelorians – the aliens are invaders, modern weaponry and rockets are their diplomacy
2038 – examinations of fallen aliens showed, that the DNA of the Xelorians was manipulated, so they couldn't control their aggression. Conclusion: a greater power manipulates the Xelorians...
2039 – Earth loses part of its planets in the Milky Way, but humanity still resists strongly
2039 – Earth's physicists discover the abilities of Xelor Cyrstals, which support their ships with power, and usually don't get broken in a crash. Scientists develop a special system, which uses these crystals. The system should be able to make Earth's weapons stronger, equal to the alien weaponry.
2040 – The system is developed and implemented. Earth strikes back.

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