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Universal Unit Converter

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Powerful, robust and beautiful converter tool. It supports more than 650 units from 35 domains, and still growing.

This intuitive and simple converter application is very useful when you are traveling abroad with its currency converter and clothes measurements; for school with a lot of categories from basic ones, such as length, volume, mass, temperature converters to more advanced in mechanics, energy, chemistry, photometry, radioactivity etc.; and just for discovering something new. Try it out.

• Easy to use with intuitive interface
• Support for landscape modes on tablets and phones
• Light and dark themes
• Material UI
• Instant display of results while typing, no need to choose between different units.
• Built-in search for categories and units of measurement
• Built-in calculator
• Over 130 currency rates
• Unlimited favorite conversions
• History of the last 20 conversions
• Share results by mail and possibility to copy to clipboard for later use
• Available in languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukranian

PRO version is available !!!
• No Ads
• You get updates and new features before other users
• Support development of new features

List of supported units in the converter:
• Dimension - length, area, volume
• Life - currency, clothes and shoes size, cooking, fuel consumption
• Mechanics - pressure, weight, force, torque
• Motion - speed, acceleration, angular speed
• Chemistry - density, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, mineralization
• Time
• Computing - data storage, data transfer
• Energy - energy, power, temperature
• Electricity - electric charge, electric current
• Flow rate
• Photometry - luminance, illuminance
• Radioactivity - radiation, radioactivity
• Misc. - angle, numbers, units and fractions, astronomy distances

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