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Engineering Toolbox

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Engineering Toolbox helps you solve your daily engineering problems easily without consulting books or references on your android smartphone. It covers many engineerings disciplines and has very simple user interface. Either you're in classroom, at work or in field, Engineering toolbox makes your life easier in many ways.
This is free version of Engineering Toolbox and it has following features,

-Trigonometric Calculator for right angle triangle
- Calculator for oblique triangle
- Geometrical property (Area, surface area, perimeter, moment of inertia) calculator for many geometrical shapes and sections
-Number System Converstion from Decimel, Octa, Penta, Binary and Hexa
-Units conversion of around 300 unit types, very easy to use interface
-Tolerance calculator for ISO-286-2 system
- Beam loads calculator for 16 types of loading on different types of beams including cantiliver, overhanging, simply supported and built-in beams
- Section property calculator of different beam sections
- Power transmission shafts design calculations using maximum shear stress theory with factor of safety incorporated
- Belts and Chains design calculations
- Keys and Keyways design calculations and tolerances calculations for all types of straight keys designs
- Power, Torque and speed conversion calculator
- A comprehensive engineering dictionary including over 18,000 definitions from all engineering fields
- Material Properties of over 100 engineering materials
- Material Properties of common materials


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