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Alquerque (also known as Qirkat) is a strategy board game that is thought to have originated in the Middle East. It is considered to be the parent of draughts (US, South Africa: checkers) and Fanorona.
Before starting, each player places their twelve pieces in the two rows closest to them and in the two rightmost spaces in the center row. The game is played in turns, with one player taking white and the other black.
A piece can move from its point to any adjacent point as long as that point is empty.
A piece can jump over an opposing piece and remove it from the game, if that opposing piece is adjacent and the point beyond it is empty.
Multiple capturing jumps are permitted, and indeed compulsory if possible.
If a capture is possible it must be made, or else the piece is removed (or huffed).
The goal of the game is to eliminate the opponent's pieces.
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