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Wellbeing for Nurses Magazine

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Nurses are very special people. We are humble, yet quietly proud of how amazing we are at caring for others. Sadly, however, we're usually pretty terrible at looking after ourselves. The phrase 'self care' feels like 'selfish'.

But nursing is an incredibly demanding career which can have a huge impact on the minds and, even more importantly, our hearts. Stress and overwhelm and are common, and I should know because I burnt out myself.

So Wellbeing for Nurses is a monthly dose of in-depth articles thoroughly researched and written by global experts in the fields of health, happiness and well-being. Also, because it always helps to feel connected to our colleagues, the magazine also has inspirational, fascinating and often hilarious stories sent in by fellow nurses from around the globe (It seems nurses the world over need superhuman bladder control!)

It is a perfect blend of proven, practical advice combined with heartwarming and laugh-out-loud anecdotes from our wonderful profession.

All in a handy mobile format so you can read it on the bus or train for that perfect pick-me-up before or after a shift.

Subscribe now and start giving yourself the essential care you deserve.

Lots of love,
Allie x

Allie Wilson, RN
Founder and Editor of Wellbeing for Nursing Magazine,

Author of the #1 bestselling 'What I Wish I Knew about Nursing'

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