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Tint Town Color Party!

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The Drip Drops : Tint Town Coloring Party.

It’s time to celebrate the Drip Drop Coloring Party with the lovable Drip Drops!

Children can help their favorite colorful friends prepare for the Tint Town celebration by creating a colorful banner, decorating a batch of cupcakes, picking ripe vegetables from the garden, drawing a bouquet of flowers and participating in many other entertaining and educational activities in this amusing interactive storybook!

• Creative and interactive activity book that’s beautifully narrated and filled with plenty of positive reinforcement!
• Help the Drip Drops prepare for their Coloring Party – they need YOUR help!
Includes 15 mini games covering creative activities, problem solving & music!
Fun & Educational content!
• Series covers targeted educational content for 3-6 year old kids, but adorable to kids of all ages!

• When the very first rainbow shines over the land of Tint Town, the Drip Drops are born - six colorful raindrops with six colorful personalities. Their mission is to color in their world, and learn about colors, creativity and life along the way. This app beautifully tells this story as the user helps the Drip Drops “Color the World”!
• This series allows both children and parents to benefit from the underlying message that you can color to someone's day in many different ways. But the most important message of all is that “there is a rainbow hidden inside all of us just waiting to be uncovered!”
• The Drip Drops ® are created by Tony Lawlor. The Drip Drops ® and associated characters, registered trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by TCKL inc. TCKL inc. All Rights Reserved.

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