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Janmangal Namavali

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Read and Listen to the 108 names of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan on the move and attain bliss; Shatanand Swami says

“Those individuals who read, study or listen to the names within the Janmangal or those who make other individuals read, study or listen to the Janmangal will never experience confusion and chaos in their lives.”

chatur varga sidhyarthe jape vineeyogh

“Those who chant the Janmangal Stotra achieve Dharma (moral emancipation), Arth (worldly prosperity), Kaam (fulfilment of worldly desires) and Moksh (final liberation)”.

Whats is the Janmangal Namavali?
The basis of the chanting of Bhagwan’s name is that within the meaning of Bhagwan’s names resides the divine qualities, divine powers and meditation of His supremacy. Subsequently, the question will arise that Bhagwan possesses innumerable names. In the latter part of the tenth canto of the Shreemad Bhagvat, Bhagwan Himself has made a confession before Muchukunda.

janma karmaa bhidhaanaani, santi me sahastrashah
na shakyante’nu sankhyaatu, manantattvaanma yaapi hi

“Oh Muchkund! My births, deeds and names are thousands. No one is able to
calculate them. Perhaps, although impossible, a powerful one may be able to count the
molecules upon this earth, yet that powerful one cannot reach the end of My divine
innumerable names.”

Hence, which specific names, from the innumerable ones, should one depend on? All those divine names are of Bhagwan’s; therefore they are all equally fruitful and full of prominence. However, Shatanand Swami has given the topmost names in which its meaning pervades with Bhagwan’s most potent greatness. In the Mahabharat, Bhishmapita has illustrated to Yudhishtir that there is no end to the greatness of Bhagwan’s names.

Within this Udhav Sampraday, for the welfare of devotees, Shatanand Swami accumulated 1008 names of Shree Hari from the infinite names and composed the Sarvamangal Stotra. Thereafter, so that the much dispersed humankind in today’s age can achieve more fruits in a limited time, he benevolently compiled the Janmangal Stotra (Janmangal Namavali), containing 108 names of Shree Hari.

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