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Bigfoot Finder

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***This app functions as it is supposed to on the SGS3 and Nexus 7. I cannot guarantee performance on other devices, but it should do just fine. Purchasing this app will benefit me greatly, and would be genuinely appreciated.***

He's big... He's bad... He's Bigfoot, and he's in your woods (Insert sound of trousers being soiled)!

Will this app help you find Bigfoot? Not likely.... This is a joke app. Let me explain: My girlfriend's grandkids are young enough to believe in things like Bigfoot, but old enough to want to go out and look for "Bigfoot." We are only minutes from a state park, and we take them there for walks. Every time we come across a beer can or water bottle, I tell them that whatever product it is happens to be Bigfoot's favorite brand, and they fall for it hook, line, and sinker. So, I had decided to go a step further and decided that it is high time that this young group of "Bigfoot hunters" get tools similar to what those ghost hunter groups have... a sensor to pick up the presence of this mythical beast!

Lo and behold, the Bigfoot Finder!

Here's how it works: Press the big button to "search" for Bigfoot. It will tell you that he/she/it is not around. However, if you long-press the close button... Holy Stinkfarts! We're picking up Bigfoot on our finder!!! A normal press of the close button closes the app.

I have added a sensitivity slider and an ominous warning that increasing the sensitivity may cause false alarms and drain your battery. In reality, the slider is nothing more than a part of the gag, and will not affect anything whatsoever.

So, fool your friends, trick the tykes... Go find yourself a Bigfoot today!

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