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Drone Invaders

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SURVIVE the Drone Invasion.

You're in control of a laser gun turret, the last defense against incoming invasion of alien drones.

✔ 20+ different alien types
✔ many challenging attack formations
✔ different boss spaceships every 10 levels
✔ upgradable weapons and shields
✔ random powerups to grab during play
✔ complete missions to upgrade faster

Drone Invaders is completely free to play. No annoying ads, no Internet connection required.

✪ Tap on the screen to fire the laser in that direction.
✪ Tap directly on the enemy for a direct shot.
✪ Swipe up to raise shields!
✪ No enemy should pass you by!

Use the shields for additional protection in case you are overwhelmed with enemy waves.

★★★★★ “Hard to stop once you start playing”
★★★★★ “Innovative gameplay.”

Regular drones can be destroyed with a single shot. Every 10 levels, a Boss shows up, which requires 20 or more hits to destroy. You can upgrade lasers to deal more damage to Boss drones. Starting with wave 50, some bosses after have special behavior when you hit them. Shoot carefully to see it.

On your journey through space, a Moon or another celestial body might show up, and drones will use it to hide. Those obstacles cannot be destroyed. As your shots fly over it, you can still shoot the enemies above it.

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