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RedEye Stay Awake

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RedEye allows your phone or tablet to stay awake by preventing it from going into sleep mode regardless of whatever apps are also running. It allows you to quickly and easily turn on & off automatic sleep mode without having to dig through the configuration menus.


• Tapping a notification is so much easier than digging through the settings menus to find the timeout delay
• Configurable start at boot and enable at boot
• Optional (but recommended) auto-disable on low battery
• Optional auto-enable and disable on external power (i.e. the AC recharger cord)
• Optional auto-disable on manual screen shut-off
• 4 levels of 'awake' to choose from ranging from fully on to screen off but CPU continues to run
• Does not interfere with applications that already provide this functionality (i.e. the YouTube app)
• Allows the device to remain on even if Exchange policies impose a mandatory timeout

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