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Math For the Brain

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If you are trying to exercise your brain, improve on your math skills or simply believe that anything is achievable through practice then this is the app for you

*'Math for the brain' will enhance your math skills and keep your brain sharper and smarter, while providing you with insightful brain facts. This application is fun and challenging for people of all ages.


All parts of the body need a work out from time to time to keep them in top shape. This includes the vital part of all the brain.

By using Math for the brain for that essential brain work out you can improve your skills in mathematics. It provides many math problems to solve, which helps keep you smarter and make your brain youthful. This is far better and much more fun than the school math problems that we all dreaded.

This app makes those math problems to be more fun and challenging and once you get started you may find it hard to put down. There is the whole range of mathematics at your finger tips, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers and percentages.

This app is suited for those of all ages from kids wanting to get a little practice in and to hone those mathematics skills, to adults that want to improve their skills too. There are even multiplayer options too which gives you the ultimate challenge. This could really help anyone’s mental arithmetic.

So, whether you are looking for an interesting challenge or need to sharpen your brain this app is perfect. Because you have it on your smart phone you could challenge yourself and others anywhere.

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