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Have you problems with foreign languages? Now, with Talking your smartphone talks for you!
Speech what you want(in your mother language) and Talking translates the sentence in the language of your interlocutor...(and viceversa)

Supported Languages:
★★★No Limitation★★★

Version 1.2:
-Add support for tablet!

Version 1.3:
-Add French and Spanish
-Add divider
-New style for loading translation Dialog.

Version 1.4:
-Use the keyboard to write the sentence

Version 1.5:
-Ads on app

Version 1.6:
-Remove the ads!

Version 1.7:
-Add support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean languages

Version 1.8:
-Patch the rotation of Guest section.

Version 2.0:
-Update the icon
-Increase the performance
-Support to GlassUp Device

Version 2.1:
-Add support for bulgarian and romanian language

Version 2.2:
-Add labels of language in their native language

Version 2.3:
-Add support for turkish language

Version 2.4:
-Add support for Portuguese language
-Delete text of buttons
-Add the botton to enable or disable the redirect to glassup device

Version 3:
-Add support for arabic and indian languages
-Add Text To speech Engine
-Make settings pannel to control the TTS and the GlassUp redirect.

**This app is free, but behind it there is a programmer that spends so much time to make this app stable and useful! Please make a donation to this link: THANKS**

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