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Study Bible

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Study Bible is an application that seeks to make the study of the Bible an enjoyable experience through easy to use controls and features that help make the Bible more personalized - unlike other Study Bibles, this one does not come with cross references already supplied, it rather gives you have to ability of building your own; which allows you to add the reference and afterward text to remind you of the reason for the reference (preferably keep short)

Study Bible functionality includes:
- Navigating between adjacent chapters or jumping to any chapter and verse by giving the reference (e.g. Rev 14:6)
-A nice and easy to use selection panel (you long press on a verse to activate it). It provides the ability to copy, highlight or chain a reference to the verse.
--Once in selection mode, to highlight another verse you simply tap on the interested verse, and do the same to deselect it.
--If you would like to select a long passage simply long press on a verse again, and all the verse between the last selection and the current long pressed verse will be selected.
-As can be expected; Study Bible also has a search feature that one can use to find passages with similar wording to the search query.
-A history action to show all the chapters one has been to, and you can tap on the list to go back to that chapter.
-The ability to share Scriptures you like
-Now one can keep notes of thoughts they have one certain verses
-One can now show as to which are their favourite verses. Start placing them, for soon there shall be a means of uses those verses to keep the word of God ever before you.
-Also what has now been added is the ability to back up one's study info, so if somehow the app's data is cleared, or a new install is made, it will be a small process to restore you study info.
-There are also what are known as Active notes, which help one take notes in a dynamic manner; they also provide easy reading of verses referenced in the note.
-One can also change the theme of the app to a colouring you more comfortable with.

Version 2 and still more features to add, keep a look out for more updates to Study Bible.

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