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Renegade Game Calls

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Have you downloaded all of the game calls out of the Google Play store only to find out that every single call app is using the same exact distorted sounds downloaded off of the internet?

Well, give Renegade Call Systems a try. Each sound is ours. We record and edit each sound to provide great and realistic sounds. All of the sounds in our call are created using our calls. Unlike the other call apps, we are hunters and know what calls should sound like plus we have our own line of game calls. This app has hundreds of sounds and many more coming. Each sound is recorded in our studio and edited and mastered by us. If you like the sound of the call then you can buy it.

If you do place an order through the app then you will be able to also track your order through it. You can also contact us for any questions or concerns in regards to our app or products.

Our game calls produce the most realistic sounds that you will ever hear. Unlike other game call builders, we don't just buy reeds and toss them into a call and give it a catchy name. We actually hand tune every single reed. We have spent years creating some of our sounds. Take our coon squallers for instance, we spent 3 years perfecting the sound of a boar and kitten coon. Not many game call builders will let you hear a sample before you buy. We have provided hundreds of sounds for you to hear before you buy our calls. We have also made them affordable. So, check out our app, browse our calls and check out the sounds. You can loop and set the loop interval time. You can control the volume and switch sounds in real time. If you want to have the real call in your hands, then buy, if not, continue to use the digital copy.

This app does not need access to your contacts or other important information. It is designed to work 100% offline unless you want to buy a game call then a network connection is required for payment purposes.

You can pay for game calls using credit card, debit card, paypal.

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