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Amazing Black Spider in Forest

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A New fun and interactive game from Brain Bravo, The Amazing Black Spider!
In this adventurous forest, there is an immortal amazing black spider named Spidy that is huge and has two big eyes that makes him fun to play with. He has been around since millions of years ago... yes, it survives the environmental catastrophe that caused the dinosaurs to extinct. He likes to climb up the big brown tree and when he gets to a new higher height, he brags about it to his friends.

In this jungle, it so happens there is a big brown tree that has limitless height which amazingly enough is a hangout place for bugs like flies, butterflies, and ladybugs. Whenever Spidy is hungry, he climbs up this tree and eats tons of them. Yes... these bugs keep coming and they spreads out all over the big brown tree. It works out pretty well, since the Spidy is always hungry and wants to climb higher and higher every time. There is a catch though... as weird as it sounds, the tree grows bombs, so Spidy has to be careful not to go near the bomb! Unfortunately, Spidy is barely able to notice them since he is busy eating those bugs.

Spidy definitely needs your help to satisfy his hunger and reach his new climbing score. You can help him by tapping left or right every time he climbs up. When you see a bomb on the right, you tap left. When you see a bomb on the left, you tap right.

As you will see in this adventure, Spidy needs to eat lots of bugs to climb up this big brown tree. Otherwise, he will pass out before he can reach his new climbing score. The higher he climbs, the hungrier he gets which means he would need more bugs to keep up. Thus, the faster you help him climbing up by tapping left or right, the happier he gets and when he brags about it to his friends, he gets to mention your name!

Can you help Spidy, the Amazing Black Spider reaching his new climbing score? Let's get on to it!

The Amazing Spider Spidy is inviting you to challenge your friends and share his unique adventure via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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