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Servers monitor Premium

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This tool enables you to monitor your servers anywhere you go.

Server monitor Premium is ad-free!

Fonctions :
- check server ping
- check server ports (ex: 21, 80, 443, ...)
- get custom information from servers (ex: Load average)

"Server monitor" by BRL tehnologies does not require any login/password for monitoring your server. The custom informations are got by reading a web file. You can use a text file upgraded by your server or you can use for example a php file.
You can color information line starting with one of the following colors: "RED:", "GREEN:", "ORANGE:" or "WHITE:".

More information on "Server monitor"
In the sample file you have the PHP functions: Hostname, Date system, Uptime, Load average, Apache CPU, Apache RAM, Apache PS, Mysqld CPU, Mysqld RAM, Mysqld PS, Max clients and Disk usage. You can add much more.

Exemple of protocols/ports: HTTP, HTTPS, 8080, ftp, ftps, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, ... You can also ping your servers.
This application is very useful for webmaster and administrator. You watching if your server is up or down.

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