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Alice In RuntheLand for Tango

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Once upon a time, in a different dimension, there was a girl named Alice. Everything was fine and dandy in Runtheland until an evil witch swooped in on her broom.

Under the evil witch's influence, Alice's cute animal friends became violent. They picked on Alice until she could not stand it anymore. Alice decided to stand up against the witch to lift this evil spell.

She called upon one of her best friends, Scarlet. After putting on their comfy running shoes, Alice and Scarlet set out on an eventful journey to seek out the witch!

Join Alice in Runtheland and catch the witch at all costs!



☆☆ Not Just Your Typical Running Game! ☆☆
Alice in Runtheland is not just your everyday forever running game!
With adorable characters full of personality, Runtheland is a unique place you will truly enjoy running through! Jump and double-jump over enemies, cliffs and odd obstacles that block your way!
Reach for all the coins floating in the sky and you might get lucky and catch one of the special power up items!

☆☆ Whack Your Enemies Down! ☆☆
As you are running through Runtheland, all sorts of monsters and beasts under the witch's spell will try to hinder your journey.
Choose from a variety of unique weapons to combat the witch's army, including Unripe Apples, Duck Eggs, and even a Bundle of Roses!

☆☆ How Long Can You Run For?☆☆
Take Alice and Scarlet through the different environments of Runtheland, from the Mushroom Forest, to the Outer Walls of the Castle, and even to Pastry Kingdom!
However, beware! The further you go, the more momentum Alice and Scarlet will gather, so the faster they will run!

☆☆ Compete with Your Friends and the World! ☆☆
Check how far your friends got on their journey to find the witch in the Rankings area.
It's a battle of stamina to see who can get the furthest! What's more, you can even compete with the world! See how well your Alice does in comparison with all the other Alices around the world!

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[[ Game FAQ ]]

Q: What is Tango and do I need to install it?
A: Tango is a partner application to Alice in Runtheland. While installation of Tango is not required to play Alice in Runtheland, there are many advantages of installing and logging into the game with a Tango ID. To name a few of the advantages, you will be able to save your high score, compete with friends, and use various items!

Q: How do I play the game?
A: Protect Alice from all different kinds of dangers as she runs towards the witch! Tap the jump button on the bottom left corner of the screen to help her jump over the evil minions of the witch! Tap the attack button on the bottom right corner of the screen to help her defeat the minions in front of her!

Q: What are the differences between close-range weapons and long-range weapons?
A: Close-range weapons have high damage, but have slow attack speeds. Upgrading close-range weapons will improve their attack speed and their chances of activating the special skill. Long-range weapon attacks will reach almost to the other side of the screen and have high attack speeds.

Q: What are diamonds?
A: Diamonds are the premium currency of Alice in Runtheland, and they can be used to purchase Coins and Keys. They can also be used to continue a stage upon death.

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